Cancel Attendee from Manage Page

There are actually two places in Brushfire to cancel attendees. Both have the same features and same ultimate result, but they just approach the situation from two different angles.  You can either cancel an attendee from the "Manage Attendees" page for your event (typically for conference, camps, or trips) which we will explain here or you can go to the order that the customer placed (recommended for ticketed events like concerts and performances.) 

WARNING: Canceling an attendee cannot be undone. You must manually re-register them.

To cancel an attendee from the Manage Attendees page

This method is recommended for registration events like conferences, camps, and trips. 

  1. Go to your event's Manage page
  2. On the left-hand side, click on "Attendees"
  3. In the next step, click on "Manage"
  4. You will be taken to a page that lists all the attendees for your event. Current attendees will have a blue "Manage" button on the left. Canceled attendees will have a gray button and will have a line through the name.
  5. Find the attendee you wish to cancel.
  6. Click the blue "Manage" button next to that attendee and select "Cancel Attendee..." from the menu that appears.
  7. You will be presented with a dialog confirming that you want to cancel this attendee.
  8. If the registration was paid, you will have an option to assess a cancellation penalty. If you do not wish to assess a penalty, leave the field at zero. Any value you type here will be subtracted from their total refund. If the registration was free (or if the cancellation penalty is for the full amount), the cancellation will happen instantly. 
  9. If this cancellation (plus penalty) results in a financial change (refund or new charge), you will be presented with options for the new order:
    1. The billing address and contact information will be pre-filled with the information from the original order. You may change it if necessary.
    2. If you do not want to send a confirmation email of this change (often helpful for administrative changes that do not require alerting the customer), simply uncheck the box that says "Send email confirmation of this change" below the customer's email address.
    3. If the original order was made recently with a credit card, it is recommended that you reference the original transaction for payment. This will automatically apply the refund back to the card that was used without having to re-enter the payment information. If that is not available, you can select another payment method to issue the refund.
    4. If the event has assigned seating, you'll have an option to release the seat back into the available inventory of seats for others to purchase or you can choose to hold it in case you need it for another reason.
    5. If you have any notes you'd like to record about this change (these will only be visible to other users and not the customer) you can do so. This is often helpful if the change being made is confusing or if another user needs to follow up on something.
  10. Once completed, the system will provide you with a dialog letting you know the cancellation was completed successfully and now the attendee will show as canceled on the list of attendees.