Using Customer Data

Downloading customer data for your organization is very simple. This can be a helpful way to gather information about your customers or attendees in bulk. First, go to the "customer data" tab on your dashboard.


From here, you can choose to export data across the entire organization or from specific events. In the dropdown you will see multiple options.


Under Organizational Data:

Export all email addresses related to my organization - This option will pull any and all email addresses whether they are order emails, buyer emails or attendee emails.

Export data for all customers who have placed an order in my organization - This will export just the email that is used at checkout for all orders in your organization.

Under Event Data:

Export attendee data for all attendees in a specific event. - This will export all information filled out in an attendee form for a specific event.

Export order data for all orders in a specific event - This will export all information filled out at checkout and in buyer's fields for a specific event.

Export group data for all groups in a specific event - If you do have the group functionality turned on, this option will export all group data filled out in the group form for a specific event.


Once you have chosen an option from the dropdown you will notice different options to filter.

For organizational data, you can filter down to just specific types of events to get the information for.

In attendee data, you can set filters based on what attendee information you pull from the event. You can filter by any information gathered in the event.

Once you have all of your settings, click "Export" and a csv of your information will automatically be exported!