How to Create a Simulated Live Stream

Scheduling Broadcasts in Brushfire Online

As you add content in your Brushfire Online Dashboard, you can set a date and time when your content will become available.

Prior to the scheduled broadcast, a countdown timer will be displayed below the placeholder thumbnail displaying when the content is scheduled to air. When the scheduled broadcast time arrives, live content will be indicated with a red Live indicator below the video feed.




Live or upcoming broadcasts will be prioritized when viewers access your channel URL. Thumbnails for related content, past or upcoming broadcasts will be displayed below current broadcasts.

Brushfire Online's Broadcast Scheduler can be used to set up Simulated Live Broadcasting where all your viewers are able to view a pre-recorded video synchronized and in real-time.  


Content can be scheduled by clicking on the "+" icon in the top right corner of the Content Edit Dashboard.




A quick way to schedule multiple simulated live broadcasts, is to create a single "template" exactly as you like it with the description, theme, links, social links, interactions you would like your simulated live broadcasts to contain. 

You can then click on the "Ellipsis" on the content thumbnail in your content dashboard  to copy and update the broadcast time, date and video URL for each broadcast you are planning to save time.

Previously added content can be previewed in your browser, edited, copied, or deleted using the options that appear when clicking on the "Ellipsis" on each content thumbnail in your Content Edit Dashboard. This is also how you can access your Analytics page and Chat Host Panel links for any piece of content in Brushfire Online.



Refer to this help article about adding content to channels.


Scheduling A Broadcast

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All content needs to belong to a channel. If you do not have any channels set up, first create a channel where you would like your online attendees to view your content.

You will be able to assign your content to channels in the Details Edit Tab of your content editor.



The Availability Tab allows you to finetune restrictions on your content. For most applications the Availability Tab in your Channel Edit Dashboard will be sufficient. Typically the default setting for content should be Non-Private and availability should be set to Always.




In the Video Edit Tab, you will set the date, time and duration of your scheduled content.




Start Date and Time : refers to the time your actual content is scheduled to start. 

Video Duration: refers to the video duration of your uploaded file. 

Video Pre-Play: Add the time in minutes of any pre-roll messaging or music that you have added to the beginning of your content file.

Adding time at the start and end of your actual content allows your attendees to interact with each other via chat and also for you to interact with attendees. If your video does not contain music or some period prior to the start of your presentation, you can leave the pre-play field blank to start on time. 

You have the ability to automatically convert scheduled Simulated Live Content to On-Demand Content in a specified channel after the scheduled broadcast is over.




The Engagement Edit Tab allows you to enable and disable any of the Engagement options listed.




Links can be added below the video using the Links Tab.

These can be external links to giving forms, links to downloadable files or websites. You can also add customizable HTML popups that may contain multiple links (Zoom Links) or multiple paragraphs of information. 

Integration links are links to giving integrations or to open a one-on-one chat window with a chat host.

When adding a link, an icon is required. Start typing and you will be given an option to select a link from the list. To see a full list of icons, you can review this list.




Interactions allow you to send calls to action or announcements during your broadcast via the Interactions section in the Host Panel.



Click Save.