How do I sync my attendee data with Salesforce?

Brushfire allows you to sync your Brushfire attendee data with your Salesforce account. This functionality allows you to connect your Brushfire attendees as Salesforce contacts and connect them to campaigns and optionally opportunities.

Please Note: The Brushfire Salesforce Integration is not compatible with Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack.


Configuring your Organization

Before you can configure an event to sync attendee data with Salesforce, you must first create a Salesforce integration for your organization. For instructions on how to do this, please read this article.

Configuring an Event

Configuration options for syncing an event can be found on the "Integrations" tab of any event's dashboard page. This page will function differently based upon how other aspects of your event are configured.


How Syncing Works

Salesforce syncing runs four times daily, every 6 hours. When a sync runs, it will sync your Brushfire data with Salesforce based on the configuration options you have set up in the Sync Wizard. When the sync runs, Brushfire will search Salesforce for people that have signed up in Brushfire and add them as members of the selected campaign.

Select a Salesforce Campaign

Brushfire will connect to Salesforce to retrieve a list of campaigns for you. You may select an existing campaign or select "Create a new campaign" to create a new campaign for this sync.

How should data be synced?

Brushfire offers two options for organizing how the system syncs data. This dropdown will provide you with one or two options depending upon how your event is configured.

  • "Each order should correspond to a single contact" - This option will search for contacts using the order email address and sync them based upon the other sync criteria you have set.
  • "Each attendee should correspond to a single contact" (only available if email address AND name is present per attendee) - This option will search for contacts using the attendee email address and sync them based upon the other sync criteria you have set.

Update existing information with Brushfire data

If this option is selected, then when a match is found in Salesforce, it will update name, phone, and address (where applicable) for the matching contact in Salesforce with the respective data from Brushfire. If this is not selected, then the match is merely added to the campaign (and optionally opportunity) without updating any of the other information.

Create opportunities

If this option is selected, then a Salesforce Opportunity will be created in addition to the member being added to the selected campaign. The opportunity will have an amount matching the amount of the attendee/order at the time of the initial sync for that attendee/order. If this option is not selected, no opportunity will be created.

Add new attendees to Salesforce?

If you would like Brushfire to add attendees that do not have a match in Salesforce as new Salesforce contacts, then select this option. If syncing order data, the name, phone, and address from the order will be used. If syncing attendee data, then you will be asked to select the fields for each attendee that should be used for name, phone, and address.