How do I sync my attendee data with Constant Contact?

Brushfire allows you to sync your Brushfire attendee data with your Constant Contact account. This functionality allows you to view which of your contacts have registered for an event, and if you choose, you can use this feature to add attendees who do not currently attend your church to your Constant Contact lists.


Configuring your Organization

Before you can configure an event to sync attendee data with Constant Contact, you must first create a Constant Contact Integration for your organization. For instructions on how to do this, please read How do I connect my organization with Constant Contact? 

Configuring an Event

Configuration options for syncing an event can be found on the "Integrations" tab of any event’s dashboard page.  

1. Select "Integrations" from the edit menu of the event you would like to connect with Constant Contact.


 2. Choose the edit "pencil" icon to the right of the Constant Contact logo to configure your integration.



3. Select your configuration settings. Once you have configured your integration, click "CREATE". Details of the configuration options are shown below the image. 

Fig. 3.1


Fig 3.2


4. Configuration Details

Constant Contact syncing automatically runs four times a day, every 6 hours. When a sync runs, it will sync your Brushfire data with Constant Contact data based on the sync options you have set up on your configurations page.

The sync will result in the Brushfire contacts being added to a Constant Contact list; you may choose an existing Constant Contact list in the "Select a Constant Contact list" drop-down box (Fig. 3.1), or you may create a new list under "New List Name", entering the desired list name, and clicking the "CREATE" button on the right. 

When syncing with Constant Contact, an email from each Brushfire contact will be compared with the email addresses in your Constant Contact lists. You may choose to use the Brushfire order email or attendee email for this sync, under the "How should data be synced?" field.  

  • If matching data is found in Constant Contact, the following steps will be taken:
    • The existing Constant Contact contact will be added to the list that was chosen. 
    • If you selected "Update existing information with Brushfire data" (Fig. 3.2), the Constant Contact name, will be updated as well.
  • If no matching data is found in Constant Contact:
    • If "Add new attendees to Constant Contact" was selected (Fig. 3.2), the new contact will be added your Constant Contact list. 
    • If "Add new attendees to Constant Contact"(Fig. 3.2) was not selected, no action will be taken. 

5. Sync Your Contacts 

If you already have data for your event, and you would like to sync manually instead of waiting for the next auto-sync, click the "Stats" tab, and then the "Sync Attendees Now" button. 


You will then receive stats related to the previous sync.