How To Get Attendees to Make Follow Up Payments

Brushfire gives you the ability to create events with attendee types that allow multiple payments. After the initial order is received, there are 3 ways that attendees can make payments on their outstanding balance. 

Via Email Blast (recommended method)

The best way to solicit follow up payments is by using Brushfire's email blasts from your event's Manage page. This allows you to send out reminder emails to attendees with a one-click (or tap) link to make payments for their registration / ticket. These emails are not automatically created for you, but you can easily create, duplicate, and schedule them to go out at your discretion.

For more information on sending email blasts through Brushfire, visit How do I send emails to people attending my event? You can easily insert the one-click link under Special Items by selecting the Attendee Payment Link option. You can also filter your email blast to only solicit payment from attendees that have an outstanding balance. 

Via Confirmation Email

The confirmation email that your attendees receive contains a link to view Full Order Details to edit their attendee information and a button to make payments on an outstanding balance.


When viewing their Full Order Details, they will be able to select the attendee to see available options for that attendee.




Via Order Look Up

Attendees can visit the event page and click the Find My Tickets button at the bottom of the registration page or go to to look up their orders, find the attendee with an outstanding balance, and make a payment.




Instructions for making a payment via confirmation email or order look up are available for attendees. See How do I make a payment?

Additional Information

Events with group attendee types that allow multiple payments allow group leaders to quickly make payments for multiple attendees at once using their group's Manage link. See How do I make payments for several attendees at once? for details.

NOTE: Brushfire does not manage automatic periodic payments until the balance is paid in full. All payments must be made manually by the attendee or an administrative user.