Can I use Facebook's conversion tracking pixel in Brushfire?

Yes you can! Facebook allows you to track the effectiveness of your Facebook ads through tracking pixels that you generate from the Facebook Ads Manager. Brushfire makes it easy to integrate this functionality with your Brushfire events.


Creating your Facebook Pixel

 To create a conversion pixel for your ad, follow Facebook's instructions in Step 1 under "Installing the Pixel" on this page. (You don't need to follow the rest of the steps before adding the pixel to Brushfire)

Adding your Facebook Pixel to Brushfire

 Facebook gives you long, complicated code and tells you to place it in your page to enable conversion tracking. Brushfire does all of that heavy lifting for you. All we need is the ID that Facebook provides for you.

1. After you have created your pixel, you can find the pixel's ID in your Facebook Ads Manager in the Pixels section

2. Take this ID and paste it into the correct box on your Event Dashboard's Tracking page.



Now all successful transactions for your event will be reported to Facebook via a conversion pixel with the ID you have provided.


Why is my pixel "Unverified"?

When you first create a new pixel in Facebook, it will show up as unverified until Facebook receives an event from the new pixel. In Brushfire, this happens when an order is successfully placed for your event. Even if you have already added the pixel's id on your event's Integration page, your pixel will remain "unverified" to Facebook until an order is placed for your event.